Township 7 Brewing Co. is a small microbrewery located in the far northern reaches of Franklin County.  Conceived by Nathan Drake, the business was designed as a destination for people that enjoy exceptional beer.  Nathan has been a brewing enthusiast for more than 20 years, so the creation of a brewery is a natural extension of his passion.  Early in 2014, knowing what he wanted to do but not how to do it, Nathan came to AEDC seeking assistance in developing his concept.  

Working with AEDC Small Business Support Specialist Steve Garneau, Nathan was able to refine his concept, clearly define his market segment, sort a thousand operational details, work with an architect and builder to design and construct a facility that reflected his highest standards, and secure the financing to make it a reality.  The time and effort devoted to research and planning resulted in a Grand Opening just 18 months after starting his business plan. 

Since opening, Township 7 Brewing Co. has seen steady and consistent growth since opening its doors.  So much so, that additional brewing equipment has recently been installed to meet the growing demand.  With rave reviews online and in-print, and thousands of pints sold to satisfied customers, Nathan still feels there is much to accomplish.  “Wow, running a business is exhausting; but I can’t imagine doing anything else”.  Was it worth it?  “Absolutely!”