One-on-one Technical Assistance

AEDC has demonstrated experience and capacity to provide one-on-one technical assistance.

Since 1993, AEDC has received funding support from the SBA to provide technical assistance to prospective borrowers and loan clients of our SBA micro-loan program. Services include individualized counseling to assist clients with business planning and other business development needs, including assistance in developing financing plans and loan applications.

AEDC’s business advisors also provide follow-up technical assistance to loan clients, including site visits and one-on-one counseling, as well as referrals to local sources of specialized assistance for particular needs.

What to expect

Face-to-face technical assistance, utilizing in-house expertise and, when appropriate, the know-how of those with special knowledge in technical areas, is a key component to all of AEDC’s various assistance programs.

Technical assistance at AEDC begins with a comprehensive assessment of the client’s skills, needs and potential obstacles to success, the foundation of what is designed to be a customized plan for success for each client that builds into a long-term relationship that will, hopefully, extend well beyond a specific class or loan application.

This assessment will not only include their level of ability on business-related skills, but also an assessment of “human” skills, like confidence, self-esteem and problem-solving abilities. When appropriate, clients will be connected to other services for personal issues that may prove to be a barrier to successfully completing the training programs.

Going forward

Once the assessment is complete, the Program Coordinator develops a customized work plan that will ensure that each client is addressing his or her own specific barriers to self-employment. Some of these barriers may require individual tutoring. In other instances where a larger group needs the same type of assistance, clients would be served by subject-specific workshops that will bring individuals up to the same level as others (who are not low income or M/WBE individuals) as they begin classroom training or develop their business plans or lending proposals.

AEDC’s business development training is unique in that it is customized to the firm’s own business plan. Each person who enters our training program receives technical assistance and training that is relevant to both their business plans and the skills needed to successfully execute those plans.  Training is directly linked to AEDC’s lending programs, providing the “carrot” needed to keep people on track.  AEDC continues to track clients throughout their loan term and beyond, providing assistance when necessary to help ensure the sustained success of program graduates.

One-on-one technical assistance is also provided, as needed, on business development topics. These may include financial analysis, marketing, and the assistance with the preparation of business plans, financial statements and applications for financial assistance.