Classroom Training Opportunities

For more than three decades, AEDC has provided entrepreneurship training and technical assistance to underserved populations and to existing businesses throughout the region.

AEDC has received funding since 1990 from the State of New York under its Entrepreneurial Assistance Program (EAP) to provide training and technical assistance to micro-enterprises and disadvantaged persons within the AEDC service area.

Each year, from fall through early winter, AEDC offers a 45-hour entrepreneurship-training course under its Small Business Institute, (SBI) to between 8 and 25 aspiring entrepreneurs.  The SBI is held in different locations within the Adirondack Park.

Our certified instructors use the NxLevel curriculum program, which is designed to guide the participant through the process of building a business plan.   The course consists of 15 weekly three-hour classroom sessions, with an additional 15 hours of one-on-one counseling required to complete the course certification.  At the concluding session students are invited to present their business plan to a panel consisting of professionals and business people for analysis.

The goal of AEDC’s nationally-accredited NxLeveL training program is to provide would-be entrepreneurs with a roadmap to success in starting or expanding their businesses.

This 12-session course will guide you through every aspect of building your business, from developing your ideas to creating a comprehensive business plan that can be used to guide your operation or to seek additional financing to get you started or to expand.

The program is designed to not only provide basic business skills training, but also includes at least 10 hours of one-on-one assistance in developing your specific business idea. Those who complete the classes will also receive special consideration for a business loan through one of AEDC’s loan programs.

AEDC also regularly conducts specialized training in specific business skills. For example, AEDC has offered a three-week program providing QuickBooks training.

Keys to success

Our experience and research strongly suggest that entrepreneurship will only take hold and succeed as a rural economic development strategy if the correct nurturing environment is created. The AEDC envisions this environment as built on [...]