Welcome To AEDC

The Adirondack Economic Development Corporation Inc. (AEDC) is a not-for-profit economic development corporation. AEDC was formed in 1976 as a cooperative effort of community leaders from towns in the northern Adirondacks to reduce traditionally higher than average levels of unemployment and to expand employment opportunities for the residents of the region.

About Us

A resurgence of the private sector in the North Country, driven by small businesses with the tools they need to increase entrepreneurial investment and thereby build personal wealth, create employment, increase incomes and build strong local communities.
Provide access to capital, training and technical assistance to North Country small businesses.

AEDC’s primary mission has been to build strong communities one small business at a time. Our organization has traditionally worked in the belief that the best way to promote community development is to put tools in place to attract private investment to revitalize and diversify communities and to create an environment which allows entrepreneurs to flourish. Our goal is to keep more dollars in the region by building local business capacity, strengthening existing resources and fostering entrepreneurial opportunities.

In 1996, AEDC was certified as the only federal and state Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) in the region – a distinction it still holds. Under this designation, AEDC provides lending and technical assistance to women, minorities and disadvantaged aspiring entrepreneurs throughout the Adirondack region.

AEDC fulfills our mission by providing a clear path to self-employment through a four-pronged approach that includes:
1) Classroom training
2) One-on-one technical assistance
3) Access to capital through our various micro-lending programs
4) Continuous networking of program graduates and the business